Health Services


The medical ministry of BHM is based on the words of Jesus in Luke 10:9 “and heal those in it who are sick, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.” It is our desire to extend the healing ministry of Christ while seeking opportunities to share His love with those in need.

Fermathe, Haiti is home to Hôpital de Fermathe (Hospital of Fermathe) situated on the main campus of Baptist Haiti Mission. The hospital has been providing quality care to the area since the 1950s. What began as a simple facility to house six pneumonia patients, because there was no room in the nearest Port-au-Prince hospital, is now the primary healthcare and emergency provider for people in the mountain region just south of the capital city.

Treating over 10,000 patients annually, Hôpital de Fermathe is able to repeatedly share the gospel and show the love of Christ in practical ways. Delivering nearly 30 babies monthly, we provide maternity and pediatric care to new mothers and newborns. We also provide emergency services including 80 staffed beds, medical and surgical wards for men and women, two operating rooms, X-ray tests, and rotating specialty doctors who offer advanced orthopedic surgeries. Preventative care and non-emergency care is available through our outpatient clinic. Additional services include community health immunization and vaccination programs, dentistry, ophthalmology, family services, labs, pharmacy, and remote clinics.


Much of our medical equipment is out of date and the infrastructure of our hospital is badly aging.  It is time for us to seriously pursue an upgraded facility for the growing needs of the people in our region.  This will enable us to seize the opportunity that quality healthcare provides as an effective gospel ministry.  Will you join us in building a new hospital in Haiti?  We are raising support to build a new $2.5 million facility to bring higher quality care to those in need.